Friday, March 13, 2015

Presentation: Is it time to start talking 'Digital Casual?'

I posted a slideshare recently regarding  how we view segments and service styles in the restaurant industry today. We've clung to compartmentalization and categories when describing restaurants. However, that time has nearly come to an end.

Catering to the culture of convenience for profit optimization

This is a re-post from a previous blog of mine:

Convenience is driving the growth of many segments in the food industry. The new “culture of convenience” is driving consumers’ behavior since time should now be considered a luxury in the very demanding beyond-9-to-5 world.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why restaurant chains need innovation and the tenth man

I was pleased the other day to read that Dan Kim was stepping down as chief concept officer of Red Mango to work with other companies on innovation. No stranger to innovation, Kim founded the Red Mango probiotic frozen yogurt chain back in 2007 and became chief concept officer in 2011, two years after the chain was bought out by John Antioco, a former Taco Bell chairman, and CIC Partners, LP,

Five key principles to activating menu innovation

There are a few ways to kick-start innovation at a restaurant chain. In the hyper-competitive restaurant landscape, it’s becoming an integral process of running a successful restaurant business. Restaurant executives at the highest levels are learning the hard way that their business models need to be revisited constantly and they can’t lose themselves in their own paradigm.